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A message to all children (and their parents)
Please remember that all animals are your friends. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, lambs, turtles and all other animals want to play with you, take care of you, give you love and joy, and even advise you if you learn how to listen to them. They do not seek to hurt you, so please don't fear them. Treat them with trust and respect, and they will respond to you in the same manner.

You should NEVER hurt, mistreat, abandon or make an animal suffer in any way. Animals are not toys that you can discard when you get tired of them. They are living beings that can feel joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, just like us humans. They cannot speak our language, but look into their eyes and you will understand what they are trying to tell you.

You should care for and protect all animals. Not only your pets, but ALL animals. If you find an animal that is hurt, sick or abandoned, please do something for him. Look for someone who can tend to his wounds or sickness, or try to find him a good home. And if you see someone mistreating an animal, talk to that person and explain why he/she shouldn't do that. If the person won't listen, try to find help to stop the mistreat.

If you are a good friend of the animals, you will also be a good friend of human beings. If the animals trust you, humans will trust you too.

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